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Rentokil Initial New Zealand

Rentokil Initial operates in New Zealand under the brands Rentokil, Initial and Ambius. Our parent company, Rentokil Initial plc, is one of the largest business services companies in the world, with 57,000 employees in over 80 countries. The company provides a range of support services globally, where our brands represent consistent quality of service.

The experts in pest control

Rentokil New Zealand has grown to be a strong, established and trusted pest control service provider offering effective solutions for more than four decades. We protect the reputation of customers ranging from residential properties to offices, food processing, industrial and manufacturing industries through our comprehensive pest management programmes. Contact us now for further enquiries.

The experts in hygiene

Initial Hygiene New Zealand uses leading-edge and environmentally-friendly technology to deliver a wide range of fully customisable hygiene solutions so that people can live, work and learn in healthier and happier environments. We raise the hygiene standards for businesses including hotels, offices, shopping malls to industrial and manufacturing industries.

Ambius indoor plants

At Ambius, interior landscaping means more than just plants. We strive to be the premier creator of ambience for businesses which enriches the work experience and enables people to thrive. We create inspiring interior nature environments that stimulate the senses for the benefit of both your staff and customers.

Thanks to a dedicated design and service team, we enable businesses to achieve their goals in beautiful, healthy and sustainable indoor environments.